How to work with Equipment in Huma?

Understand the basics of our Equipment module

This is how you add new equipment:

  • Click Add equipment
  • Click Add equipment type
  • Provide a name, description, variants and add an icon and background colour.
  • Choose if the one or more of the following is required when registering
    • Start date (i.e. when did the employee receive the equipment)
    • End date (i.e. if you periodically change the equipment)
    • Documentation (if you want invoices/receipts as documentation)

Add equipment

This is how you add equipment to an employee:

  • Click Add equipment
  • Add a variant (if any)
  • Assign the equipment to a person
    • It is also possible to add a note
  • Add a start date (if required)
  • Click Add

Add equipment to an employee

You can now filter on the following statuses:

  • Missing documentation
  • Expired
  • Expiring soon (expiring within less than 90 days)

You can also filter the view to look at equipment at specific teams and/or locations:

Filter equipment




Please note: The Equipment module is only available for customers on the Enterprise subscription and for users with a specific access role