How to work with sick leave follow-up

Understand how Huma helps you follow up employees on sick leave


Sick leave follow-up is available for the following subscriptions

Huma Business

Huma Enterprise

The process

All the steps in a Norwegian process

All the steps in a Swedish process

Activate sick leave follow-up

You need a System Role "Absence" to access Absence settings and activate sick leave follow-up.

  1. Navigate to Absence settings -> Sick leave
  2. Toggle Enable Absence follow-up
  3. Choose who will be responsible when an employee is on sick leave:
    1. Supervisor - The employees supervisor will be responsible. When choosing this you need to choose a fallback person in the case that the employee doesn't have a supervisor.
    2. Specific person - One person who will be responsible for all employees on sick leave.
  4. Click Save

Activate sick leave follow-up

The follow-up process

The follow-up process differs between countries. Huma bases the process on which work schedule the employee is assigned to. At this point we support follow-up processes for Sweden and Norway.

The process is started when the employee register a Sick leave absence, and ended when the Sick leave absence is ended.

During the process, Huma will assign tasks to the responsible regarding important steps. Such as follow-up plan and dialogue meetings or reporting to Altinn/Försäkringskassan

Besides these legislation based tasks, Huma will send tasks once a week to remind them of checking up on the employee.

Screenshot 2022-04-26 at 13.05.43

No responsible assigned

If the responsible is removed from Huma, the sick leave follow-up will be without a responsible. In this case you need to go to Sick leave settings and add a responsible.