Huma's AI Content Assistant will help you get started - quickly and efficiently.

Start by describing what you need - and try to be as specific as possible. Insert the draft or try one of the predefined actions to get a new suggestion.


What type of content can be created?

The Content Assistant uses an advanced language model developed by OpenAI, to analyze the user’s input and its content, in order to produce a relevant output.

How can I use the Content Assistant?

As a starting point, you can generate a job description based on the job title. This can be done either on an individual's profile or under 'System Settings' and 'Job Titles'.

Read more about why job descriptions are important and how you can make sure you have them in place.

How about data privacy and confidentiality?

The Assistant adheres to strict data privacy and security protocols. The system is designed to process queries without storing personal data, ensuring confidentiality and compliance with data protection regulations. The data you provide the assistant is not used for any purpose other than providing you with answers. For more details, see Huma's sub-processors page.

Can the Content Assistant provide legal advice?

No, the Content Assistant is not a legal expert. While it can offer general guidance, it's crucial to verify all legal content with local legal counsel to ensure compliance with regional laws and regulations.