How to add people to Huma

Understand how to add one person or multiple persons in Huma

Introduction (in norwegian)

In this brief introduction, Linn will guide you through the process of adding people to your Huma organization. Note: The video is in Norwegian.

How to add a person:

Add person

  • Go to People
  • Click Add person
  • Fill the details for that person and press continue
  • The person is created ✅

How to add multiple people to Huma:

Import multiple
  • Click Add multiple if you want to register more at once.
  • Choose to download a Simple or Detailed Import File Template
  • Fill out the sheet with data
  • Save as .xlsx and upload your file, now you are done 🎉
If anything is wrong (i.e. an email is missing), Huma will tell you that one or more persons cannot be added > click Show errors to see the reason.

How to add people via Integration 

Import via Integration

  • Click Add people
  • Click Import using an Integration
  • Choose your integration and continue in the steps here


Please note: Only users with an Admin user role or equivalent will be able to add people.