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Ensure compliance with local laws and the EU Whistleblower Protection Directive

How does it work?

  1. Activate the Whistleblower Portal. 
  2. Decide who should handle the reported incidents, i.e case handlers. (To add case handlers You need the system permission to manage roles in Huma)
  3. Share the external whistleblower portal link where employees and other individuals associated with your organization can report incidents and concerning behaviour anonymously.

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What is meant by an incident or "concerning behaviour"?

By concerning behaviour, we mean actions that are in violation of legal rules, written ethical guidelines in our organization, or ethical norms that are widely accepted in society.

How does the whistleblower function ensure confidentiality and protection for those who report misconduct?

We take confidentiality and protection seriously. When individuals file a report and wish to remain anonymous, their identity is kept confidential to the extent permitted by law.

Who will receive the reports and who can see cases?

The cases will be directed to the case handlers in your organization.

Case handlers need the system permission Whistleblowing case handling. You can either: 

  1. Add them to the locked role Whistleblowing handler.
  2. Create a new or edit an existing custom system role

What happens when an incident is being reported?

When a report is submitted, the whistleblower receives an access code. This code is needed for the whistleblower to access their case later. It is therefore  important that this code is saved somewhere safe.

If the access code is lost, a new case have to be submitted.

When a new case is submitted, the person/people in your organization who’s been given the role to handle incoming cases, will get a notification. They can then open the case and start a dialogue with the whistleblower. The whistleblower will be kept informed about the progress of the case, maintaining their confidentiality throughout the process.

Can a report be made anonymous?

Yes, the whistleblower can choose whether to remain anonymous or not when reporting concerning behaviour. If the whistleblower doesn’t want the report being handled by anyone in the company, they should consider escalating it using other channels. Rest assured, the report is fully confidential, and cannot be deleted or altered by any case handler, ensuring its integrity from the outset.

How will the report be handled?

The organization’s case handlers will receive the report, and will start a follow-up process. The whistleblower will have the opportunity to communicate with the case handlers and provide more details about the incident throughout the process.

Is is possible to attach a file to the report?

No, not yet. Hopefully it will be added as an option at a later stage.

Will the whistleblower be notified as the handling of the case progresses?

If they provided a notification email address when reporting, they will receive updates about the case there.

Notifications are sent to the case handlers when reports are sent in and when the case updates.

Important events and notifications

For organization's with employees in European countries, those reporting misconduct are entitled to receive confirmation within seven days, followed by further follow-up and feedback within three months.

For organizations with employees only in Norway, those reporting misconduct should receive confirmation 'within reasonable' time.

To make sure you stay on top of these dates, Huma is sending out reminder notifications to the case handler:

  • If a confirmation to the whistleblower has not been sent within the 7 days
  • If a case is still open after three months

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