Sick leave, vacations and days off

Absence management was complicated, until now


There is real money to be saved by registering employee absence correctly. Get a 360 view into your absence management by letting employees register things themselves, while managers do the approving. Everything is logged and visible in the same calendar so you can see when and where extra people are needed!

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People register their absence, you accept it, right then and there.

Absence tracking and management has never been a perfect process, until now. Your people can just register their absence directly on their phone. You then get notified and approve with the tap of a finger - or you can deny if the request seems unreasonable.


Scale with your business

Do you have employees across different countries and locations? No problem! The module is fully scalable to best suit your business - no matter where you are! Just put in your desired location and Huma will automatically adjust your calendar settings and populate the public holidays in your set country.

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Register absence correctly

It has never been easier to register and manage the right type of absence. Employees can now register absence themselves, and all the manager has to do is hit accept. That makes it uncomplicated to follow local laws and regulations - whether they are company mandates or legal requirements. 

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Always up to date

Allocate staff quickly and effectively should something happen! You’ll be in the know as soon as someone registers their sick leave or applies for vacation - then you can accept and move people where they’re needed - as soon as possible.
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Absence tracking was complicated, until now

Catch our on-demand webinar as we discuss how your business can  better handle absence,  make it easy for employees to register the absence themselves, and why it’s so important that a business has control over this process.