Easier follow-up of employees

Templates for employee appraisal interviews – so you have one less thing to worry about


Employee appraisal interviews may not be required by law, but they’re something all companies should have. You may think they’re a bit of a pain but we’d certainly recommend that you think again. Such interviews should be of great value to your company and can act as a guiding star leading you towards your goals. Our task is to make things a little easier for you before, during and after a meeting.

“It’s fantastic you’ve made this available. As customers, we really appreciate you listening to us. That’s a real feather in Huma’s cap.”

– Huma customer


All the templates you need

Huma is designed to make your working day easier. Access all the templates you need to make meetings and employee interviews a little less stressful and a great deal smoother. Available templates include those for annual/quarterly employee appraisal interviews, follow-up meetings for (long-term) sick leave, informal 1 on 1 interviews, 30-, 60- and 90-day onboarding interviews, board meetings and much more. You can also adapt the templates to suit your company or departments.


Invites created with just a few clicks and easily imported to your planner

When you send out your interview invites, they are easy to add to your calendar – fuss-free and easy to see. You’ll have to try very hard to forget. Your pathway then becomes as simple as one-click invitation → check the calendar → meet up for the chat.

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Let your employees help determine the agenda

Employee appraisal interviews yield the most value if each employee is also allowed to provide input to the basis for discussion. Before the interview takes place, you and your employee fill out your respective templates, evaluating each other's efforts and commenting on what you need to work on. That way, the way forward becomes much clearer.


Write minutes in real time

Write minutes from the interview as you go along. This avoids anything being unclear and you both end up with a clear plan for measures to be taken, things that need to be worked on and whether or not there is anything that needs to stop now. Put the minutes in the personnel folder so that everything is stored securely and access is restricted to the parties concerned.

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Automated processes make your day easier

That’s why many of our processes run themselves, reminding you to work in accordance with what you agreed, even after the actual interview. Indeed, the whole process becomes a little easier when you’ve got automated, simple, adaptable templates and tasks you can just tick off when completed.

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Simple pricing. Simple process.