Seamless salary support

Making salary revisions easier–from start to finish

A streamlined, transparent, and effective way to handle salary adjustments - because you dont mess with people's paychecks! 

Salary Revision Cover
Salary Revision Cover

Automate processes  


Easier and structured steps


Reduce the risk of errors

Establish a consistent way of working

Create a unified approach to salary management across your entire organization. Huma ensures that every salary adjustment is clear and visible to all relevant parties, promoting fairness and transparency, which in turn enhances trust within your workforce–and gets the job done.


Ditch the spreadsheets

Stop with all the cumbersome spreadsheets and scattered notes. Get a streamlined, strucutred and efficient salary adjustment process that reduces admin time, ensures budget alignment and reduces the risk of errors.

"This saves me a lot of time compared to creating a custom Excel template. It's a must-have tool!” 


- Huma customer 


Support the entire process – effortless budgeting and oversight

From budgeting to updating your employee profiles, Huma´s module for salary adjustment gives you the support you need. With flexibility in mind you can customize the process to fit your specific needs; whether it´s one process for your entire company or just a small company team, delegate responsibility to team managers easily and with less confusion.  


Seamlessly manage multiple companies and multiple currencies

Whether your teams are located in one country or across multiple countries, our module supports multiple currencies and can be customized for different company structures. This flexibility allows you to manage international pay scales efficiently, adapting to various financial landscapes without hassle.


Integration and reporting


Tips and tricks for digital handbooks

Jonathan (our product designer) shares his tips for making the most of the module in Huma.

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How to create an HR strategy!

Creating an HR strategy does not have to be difficult. You have to know where you want to go, for what reason and how to get there. After that, it means getting everyone involved on board with the plan. Simple as that?

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Understanding the value of Salary Revisions in Huma

Learn the importance of salary revisions and how Huma's automated system simplifies the process by ensuring efficiency, compliance, and transparency in compensation management.

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