Easy employee administration that supports your talent

An HR system for the construction industry

Companies with craftsmen are brimming with talent and skills. And talented people deserve to feel genuinely included in their business. That is why it is important to have an HR system that gives you and your people a single place to run HR and employee administration. One place that lets you easily accomplish onboarding, absence registration, and storage of all important information.


"There are fewer manual processes for HR and the employees are more involved in more things to do with HR."

Madelen Melbøe - ABC Elektro



Competence stored in one place

As a competence-based company, it is important to have an overview of who knows what. Enter the skills and certificates of your people, so that you can always check where their different skills lie. Get notified in advance when certificates are about to expire and need to be renewed.

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Kompetanse lagres på ett sted

A quick and easy welcome to apprentices and other new people

With standardized onboarding procedures, you can be sure your new people will be ready to swing their hammers as quickly as possible. Have checklists for what needs buying in terms of equipment for training tasks so new arrivals don’t have to stand about empty-handed and scratch their heads when tasks are to be done.

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Rask og enkel velkomst

Keep track of your equipment

Tools are expensive and there are lots to keep track of. Have a clear list of all the tools in your business and see who is responsible for them. Add a tool and assign it to the person using it – or do not assign it if it is being used by several people. 

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Ha oversikt over utstyret_no

Being proud is allowed

Show your people how proud you are after they have done a good job. Huma News is a culture-building module that allows you to post internal news in the company, which everyone actually reads. Everyone is notified automatically when something is posted.

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Det er lov å være stolt

Easier prices. Simpler processes.