Seamless Integrations

Let your HR-system speak to the rest of your tools

In order to be easier to use and easier to like, we think your HR-system needs to be integrated with the other systems you use. 

If you have request on other tools Huma should integrate with, please let us know at

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Integration with Tripletex is a simple way to import and sync employees between your organization in Huma and your Tripletex account. Read more here.



Huma is the only HR system that has full integration with Xledger. Synchronize across systems and spend your time on the important tasks that you actually have to do yourself. Read more here.

Azure Active directory

Synchronize user data and automate user creation between Huma and Azure AD, so that your HR and IT staff can save time and focus on more strategic tasks. Read more here.

Teamtailor integration


The Teamtailor integration makes recruitment easier than ever, with a system that follows candidates step by step - from application to signed contract, and beyond. Read more here.

PowerOffice Go

Poweroffice Go makes payroll and accounting a breeze. With Huma's integration in Poweroffice Go, you can now do payroll and admin tasks in one system. Read more here.


With Slack integration, you can reach your people where they are, for example, when a new article is published. This allows more people to get the important updates--in the right context. 

Microsoft SSO

Simplify logins and distribute the app across your company. Login made easy for everyone in your organization.


Webhooks allows you to send information from Huma to any other system. This means that you can link Huma more closely to the other tools you use. 

Crona lön

Crona lön

Integration with Crona lön is a simple way to import and sync employees between your organization in Huma and your Crona lön account. Read more here.

Integration_visma_payroll_2 Payroll

For those working in HR and payroll, there is no room for error. And we understand that. You can trust that the information in Huma is always up-to-date and aligned with what is stated in Payroll. Read more here.

Give the gift card to one or more employees that can actually be used anywhere. Seamlessly straight from Huma. Learn more here.


Huma offers the only plug-and-play integration with Netvisor. This provides a seamless method to import and synchronize your organization's employees between Huma and Netvisor, the leading payroll system in Finland.
Learn more here.


Integrating with 24SevenOffice is a simple way to import and synchronize people between your organization in Huma and your 24SevenOffice account.



Save time and energy by effortlessly exporting employee details and absences from Huma in PAXml format and importing them into Kontek Lön for a seamless and efficient payroll management process.

Visma Nmbrs

Optimize your workflow and reduce the workload by directly exporting employee information from Huma to Visma Nmbrs in PAXml format. A seamless and hassle-free payroll process is assured.



Save both time and energy by seamlessly exporting employee information and absences from Huma in PAXml format, then importing it into MaxPA for efficient and hassle-free payroll management.


Hogia Lön Plus

Strömlinjeforma lönehanteringen genom smidig överföring av anställnings- och frånvarodata från Huma till Hogia Lön Plus i PAXml-format, för en effektivare löneprocess.