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In an increasingly digital society, the tech industry is more important and more relevant than ever. No reason, then, why a tech company like yours shouldn’t use an HR system that understands you and your needs. 


Getting started was easy

“It was great to be able to give our employees the authority to update their own information. It saved us a lot of time in pestering and double-checking info!”

Kristine Hansen, Avidly Oslo



User experience is key

As tech companies know, a good user experience is absolutely essential for a good product. At Huma we’re constantly working to deliver the best user experience, whether on your cell or computer. Then you can do your HR work from wherever you are. What’s more, your people can register for sick leave without even having to get out of bed.


Try it free, you too!


Competence makes it easier

Simplifying processes and everyday tasks is one of the most important tasks for the tech industry, and we at Huma couldn’t agree more! Some such tasks require different and very specific sets of skills, such as front- and back-end developers, or perhaps consultants. So maybe it's not a bad idea to register all the expertise in your company and make it easier to put project teams together?


Read more about our competence module here.


Where are your people?

Maybe you have more than one office? Or no offices at all and everyone works remotely? No problem. With Huma, you can maintain a full overview of where all your people are – whether at HQ, the sister office or the home office.


Read more about the people module here.

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Integration gives you more time ...

… and fewer typing errors. Integration is designed to give you more control and more time for other tasks. If you already use Tripletex or Poweroffice Go for example, it’s simple to transfer employees from your payroll system to Huma – and yes, it works the other way too.


Check out all our integration here.


Easier prices. Simpler processes.