Think differently about HR. Think differently about HR software.


Raise the bar

HR is more than just tasks, and the technology needs to reflect that.

Whether it's welcoming a new employee, new policies, updates from the manager, information about benefits or pictures from the summer party. Companies get better with better communication.


One spot and no noise

A place that isn't Teams, Email, Dropbox, Sharepoint or Slack. With News you can finally get all the internal news in one spot and not have to worry about important information getting lost in the daily noise. 

News_image 2

Great communication made easy

Humaโ€™s News module is easy to use. Create and publish what you have to say or share in three small steps and you can choose if you want to give your employees a ping or not. Something you want to share with everyone or just one team, office or department? You choose. Decide who can publish and easily track engagement.




"Huma is a fantastic tool for keeping track of all HR related tasks. Everything from internal communication regarding news around the company, to clear information for each employee and their relationship to the workplace. Huma makes it better to be employed by Inligo AS."