All of Your Personnel Documents.
In one spot.


Struggling to find that one employee contract or have you misplaced an important document? Gather all of your documents in the HR-system and decide who can access what!

Smarter documents and templates

Simplify how you work with documents like employee contracts. Build from our predefined and approved templates or customize as you need.


  1. Pick a template
  2. Make some adjustments and merge data from other places in Huma
  3. Send for a digital signature

Send for signature in seconds

Sending documents for signing in Huma is done with a few clicks, both to Huma users and external parties. Easy, and no more stacks of paper to handle.
Send for signature

Proper order of your documents

Gather all your important documents in one place and find them easy with categories and other smart filters.

Find easy


"Most of our employees have three documents each in connection with their employment. Thatโ€™s a lot of documents really fast. With Huma itโ€™s all sorted and the right people have access.โ€



The right document are in the right spot at any time

Be certain that people have access to relevant documents. Share documents to Everyone, Teams, Locations or specific people.


Create contract - send for signing - Done

Humaโ€™s contract builder combined with digital signing makes your day even easier.

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Stop using that pen

With digital signing in Huma, sending and signing documents is done with a few clicks. All your contracts gathered in one place and have full overview of what needs to be signed.

Overview of contracts