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Huma Partner Program


Huma provides the tech. You provide the competence 💪Together we create value for customers by spending less time on admin work and more on what matters: the employees. 

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Seamless integrations with tools you already know and use

Make it easier for your customers: Connect your systems and tools that matter most, with minimal effortless. Huma has one-click integrations to  Microsoft, Google, Slack, Teamtailor, Tripletex, PowerOffice Go, Fortnox and more. 



Expand your reach and scale your competence

Huma is designed to make our partners shine as HR is more than just tech. Deliver customised competence through the entire employee journey.  Huma is so easy to use you reach more customers and scale your competence.  




Benefit from the most modern HR tool

It's all about the user experience! From the first line of code we knew we wanted everything to be easy and intuitive. That means you get an amazing user experience regardless of the device you are on.




Six minutes. Not six months.

Implementation of a new HR-system used to take six months. With Huma you get started in six minutes. This means shorter time to value for your customers and a more scalable model for you. 


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