Handbooks like never before

Ready-made digital handbooks, tailored to each individual employee

Always available, easy to navigate and genuinely user-friendly โ€“ the way a handbook should actually be! Never written a handbook? No problem, we've done it for you. The personnel and management handbooks are just the start; weโ€™ve made lots of templates for you!


Ready-made templates to get you up and running in seconds. Complete the personnel handbook and publish in about 30 seconds (+ the time you spend editing of course)! 


Three click publishing! Choose whether the handbook is to be available to everyone or just one specific team.


100% editable! The templates can be edited exactly as you choose. So that they suit your company perfectly.

Handbooks that are actually used

Managers handbook, personnel handbook, HSE routines, etc. Common to all of these is that they have terribly little value if they are not used! With the digital handbook from Huma, everyone has access to what they need, when they need it! Best of all, all the content is available on mobile, and is searchable so it is easy to find!

Up-to-date legislation, without the need for version control

With a digital personnel handbook, you can always be up to date on relevant legislation, without stressing about version control. Simply publish whatโ€™s necessary and everyone gets relevant access. We will inform you if there are relevant changes to legislation. Completely without expensive consulting hours.

"We wanted to gather everything in one place. Needed help understanding best practices. And quick reference to legislation. It also had to be flexible but based on templates that are updated. We get all that now!"


- Huma customer 


True user-friendliness wherever you are

A handbook is only useful if it is used. Your employees can find answers to any questions they may have from their own cell phone at any time.


Highlight relevant content

During the year, certain subjects tend to recur. By introducing a "highlight", Admin can put a spotlight on relevant content on all the employees' homepages in Huma. Christmas approaching? Highlight the chapter on "half tax in December", and people will find the answers before they have had time to think about the questions.


All the answers, none of the hassle.

Personnel handbook, Manager's handbook, HSE handbook, fire protection routines, opening routines, etc. Collect all this together in a simple, intuitive overview, where the employees only have access to what concerns them!

 The templates include links to relevant legislation, and weโ€™ll let you know if there are any changes to, for example, the Working Environment Act.

 You can easily edit the templates so the handbook is customized for your company. You can adapt the content so that it makes sense for your employees, and make the handbook your own.

  Define whether you want the content to be visible to all employees or a specific team. There may, for example, be different HSE routines in different departments. If so, simply construct two handbooks and publish them to the respective departments. 

All content is searchable and structured by topic. Employees can retrieve exactly what they want, exactly whenever they want it.

 Everything is built for mobile, and both easy to use and easy to like! We call it a good user experience, but it's really just about people finding answers to their questions quickly.

Tips and tricks for digital handbooks

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