Behind Huma

Even though Huma is a newbie, the people behind are definitely not.

Humaโ€™s team of developers have more than ten years in the books working on some of the most demanding digital projects in the Nordics. 

On the commercial side, the marketing and sales team has more than 25 years in the HR-tech space combined.


Why Huma exists

Huma saw the light of day because the average person spends more than โ…“ of their life at work, and we want to make that part of life better, smarter and more enjoyable.

We interviewed hundreds of managers, HR managers and employees throughout the last year. What we learned is that businesses and all the people working there deserve more intuitive, inspiring and intelligent technology to aid the most important resource: you.


Our beliefs

Huma's technology is developed with one simple philosophy: the service needs to be used by everyone to create value.

We believe that today's HR softwares are made to solve problems in HR and not to aid every person at work. It results in something most of us know to much about: an expensive and unused software.

Huma is here to challenge what an HR software can be. Our system has new and unique features which helps better workplace culture and engagement. Huma lifts your HR to more than a supporting service.