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Huma is not just a different HR system because it is easier to use and easier to like. It's simple pricing and even simpler onboarding processes that you can rely on. So whether you want a full-fledged HR system for free, or you want all the extra features for your complex needs, the choice is yours!

We are ready to show how easily you can digitize your admin needs, and get all your employee management processes in order!

Some things we can talk about: 

  • Understanding your company challenges and needs

  • How to get started with Huma in 4 minutes

  • What simple personnel administration can look like

  • Q&A

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Getting started was quick and easy. We set up our domain, posted the first cases and set up the staff and team structure in no time. It was a great advantage to give the employees the authority to update their own information. It saved us a lot of time not having to fuss and worry about whether or not it would get done. It just happened!

Kristine Hansen, CEO