Employee onboarding

It’s all about a seamless start.


Onboarding made easy

Set up your onboarding flow once, and send it out every time you want to welcome a new employee.

Of course, you decide how you want the onboarding process to best work for you and your needs. Customize the templates according to the specific locations and positions. We provide some suggestions for you to use out-of-the-box, or you can build custom templates yourself.

Save time by delegating tasks and automating follow-ups. And avoid dropping the ball by attaching practical tasks and notifications to the person who can best solve it.

Get an easy overview of all the different onboarding processes that are taking place at once. This will prevent tasks from being missed and ensure that new employees are being followed up. Huma has everything in one place.

Tested. Then tested some more.

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Use our templates, or not. You decide

You can structure the entire onboarding process with simple, out-of-the-box templates that are easy to use, and easily customized. We provide some suggestions for you to see what a good start should look like. But it is up to you if you want to use these or create your own templates.

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Save time

Save time by delegating tasks. This makes for a more seamless process for both the new hire and the business. Assign a task to the right person and Huma will make sure it’s done!


Predictable processes

Trust that all tasks get resolved with short and to the point email notifications that support all parts of the onboarding process. The result? A greater degree of calm around the start-up phase--and more time for all your other HR needs. You also have full control and insight into the tasks involved with employment contracts and confidential declarations that need signing. So you can actually trust the tasks have been completed.

Watch Onboarding Webinar

Huma and HR Huset invite you to join them as they discuss what good employee onboarding should look like and the strategies that can be used everyday.




Good bye and see you later!

When an employee leaves, there are a lot of things to straighten out. Has this been communicated to the rest of the team? Is all the equipment handed back, and the accounts canceled? Did someone arrange a pleasant send off? Get all the practicalities done with ease, through checklists, tips and social activities connected to an offboarding.