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The Core is HR

When employee administration is done right (and is easy) it provides real value for both company and employee. Collect all employee data, documents and processes in one place. Everyone has access to what they need (and nothing more).


Culture building without the fuss

Build relationships, communicate important messages and establish routines without drowning in the noise. Take the culture of the company seriously. You will thank yourself later.


Growth and development

People and organizations never stand still. Make sure you have a HR-system that can help you both take care of your employees, and give you the insight to make good decisions.

Easy employee administration is at the core of good HR 

Employee administration provides immediate value to both employees and managers. It's a set of functions that collects and simplifies the link between an employee and their workplace. Seamless handling of documents make administration safe and easy for everyone, while providing immediate value for both employee and manager.

Culture is so much more than nice words

Culture is the driving force that overshadows almost everything in a workplace. Culture is the company's DNA. It is about building something bigger than yourself. A good start for new employees, strong company moral, and a good process at the end of someone's employment are the foundations of a good employee experience. Good culture is the backbone to success.

It's all about ensuring a seamless start for both the new employee and the company. The value is real and even magical. Experts say that new employee's productivity increases by as much as 70%, and that retention (retaining employees) can increase by up to 82%. In short, it's worth taking onboarding seriously.

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It's finally easier to be good at internal communication! Avoid drowning in all the noise. Make sure your people are informed about the most important things. Create and send out news internally that is actually seen and read.

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Huma was created after GDPR rules came into effect. Everything we do is in line with current privacy policies. Secure storage, European Data Center, and one less thing to worry about.

Digital Handbooks as they should be! Easy to set up, easy to use and easy to maintain. Never written a handbook? No problem, we've done it for you.

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Grow your business and its people

Get the best out of your people so that your business can be the best version of itself. Give yourself an edge and make decisions in real time, with real data. And keep a finger on the pulse of the organization with automated employee surveys. People don't stand still, nor should your company.

Competence and qualifications need to be kept alive and properly managed. Here you get to see the whole picture of what lives inside the heads of your people - either it's formal or informal skills.

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Numbers don't lie. Get the support you need to make good decisions. Do not spend a time retrieving old reports and data that are no longer up to date. Key figures should be at the forefront of consciousness at all times.

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It is said that ENPS (Employee Net Promoter Score) is the closest one gets to the truth, and it can be brutal. But better to know about things before they become real problems. So make sure you get a regular (automated) pulse of how your employees really feel and what they think about you and the company.

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Legislation and routines for reporting objectionable conditions in the workplace can be complicated and hard to keep up with. With Huma, you can easily and safely put the routines and processes you need in place.

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Employee appraisal interviews may not be required by law, but they’re something all companies should have. That is why we have made it easier to follow-up on employees with automated tasks and templates for employee appraisal interviews – so you have one less thing to worry about!

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Integrate seamlessly 

Connect the tools that matter most to your business with easy integration with Tripletex, Fortnox, Visma, Teamtailor, Slack, Google, Microsoft, and more!

Simple prices. Simple processes.