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Huma helps advisers and consultants become even better at their jobs

When your job is to offer advice in many different industries, it is good to have an HR system that helps you keep track of things. Huma does this with functions such as absence tracking, employee appraisal, competence overview, news, and more.


Getting started was easy

“It was great to be able to give the employees the authority to update their own information. It also saved us a lot of time in pestering and double-checking info!”

Kristine Hansen, Avidly Oslo



Building culture with the HR system means being able to…

...share information about the summer party, let the employees enter nicknames and fun facts about themselves, and get to know their colleagues better. These may not be things an HR system must-have, but we think these things make the HR system a little more fun. And that's more or less what organizational culture is all about, isn't it? Having fun at work?

Try for yourself!


Huma gives you a nudge when something's worth knowing

Sometimes it's a pretty good idea to have a reminder. A friend who says "psst" when something happens that you ought to know about. Huma is that kind of friend. Get notifications on your mobile and e-mail every time you need to turn your attention to something in the HR system. This makes that much easier to remember what’s important in the mountain of other important things.

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Find the right expertise for your projects

In Huma, you can add formal competence, course certificates and other certification to your employee profiles. Everything appears in a clear list so you always have control over what you are extra good at. This makes it much easier to set up specialist teams for your different projects.

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Let your employees take control themselves

HR has historically been something only management and the HR department have worked with. Why is it like that when HR is about all the people in the company? We think that if an HR system is really to be of value to employees, they too must be allowed to use it. With Huma, they can. Of course, some tasks still need to be done by management and HR, but they can do a lot of other stuff, such as registration of absence, themselves. It’s not only easy for them to do, but it also saves you, as a leader, a great deal of time – especially when you have to give an account of absence over the year.

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