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Being a great employer doesn’t need to be difficult. That is why we made these Plans and Policy templates to help you and other SMBs manage all of the important legal business stuff in Finland.

The clever legal heads at Castren & Snellman helped us make sure the guide is in line with the relevant Finnish regulations and outlines all the essential agreements needed between management and your employees. Together we tried to make this as easy as possible for you. So that you can focus on the more important stuff.

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* The templates are provided as a word doc that you can customize and update as needed. 

Why are these policies important?

First of all, it’s required by law that any business operating in Finland has a framework covering these topics. Aside from that, it’s a great way for employers and employees to agree on how to do the job in the best way.
But most importantly, it is meant to help you spend less time on the sometimes difficult legal aspect of having employees. And focus your attention on the much more important stuff, like growing your business and making sure your employees are happy. 

This guide provides templates for the following:

Occupational safety and health policy 

The purpose of this occupational safety and health policy is to promote safety and health at the workplace by developing working conditions and maintain employees’ working capacity. 


Work community development plan 

The purpose of the Work community development plan is to promote well-being and competence development at work and to support dialogue between the Employer and the Employee


The Finnish act on co-operation

The purpose of the Finnish Act on Co-operation is to ensure dialogue. The employer has a duty to participate in regular dialogue with the representative of the personnel with the purpose of developing the operations and working conditions of the employees.


Gender equality plan 

Employers must promote equality between women and men within working life in a systematic and purposeful manner. The purpose of the gender equality plan is to promote equality between women and men at workplace. 

Equality plan 

The purpose of the equality plan is to promote equality at the workplace and, considering the needs of the workplace, develop the working conditions as well as the methods complied with in the selection of personnel and in making decisions concerning the personnel. 

* This PDF includes examples of the different policies that you need in your business. But in order to get the full handbook set up for your business, download the Word Document and tailor it to your needs