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Simplify deviation management with a system employees actually use.

Huma's deviation module gives you better control over the legal requirements surrounding Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE). And the best part: everything you need is in one place! 


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Easier for both managers and employees.


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Exactly what you need (and a little bit more) to discover, report, correct, and prevent incidents—all in one place.

Everything you need in one place

Tired of all your different apps and systems? With Huma's deviation module, easily consolidate multiple tasks in one place: log deviations to a system employees actually use.

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Gain better control in five minutes

It should be easy to improve deviation routines. With Huma, set up your deviation system in a few clicks and get full control to discover, report, correct, and prevent incidents.

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Safe, organized, and in real-time

Everything in Huma is about making things super easy! Now you not only get better control but also visibility into every detail and step of the process. This not only provides cost savings but also improved quality, higher security levels, and increased satisfaction among both employees and customers.

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Market-leading mobile app.

With Huma you not only get a unique user experience but also a market-leading mobile app. Now it's easier than ever for employees to report and manage incidents—no matter when or where they are.

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HSE work is easier when you combine deviation and handbooks 

When you combine Huma's digital HSE handbooks with our deviation module, you promote a safe and secure working environment. By implementing a systematic approach to health, environment, and safety (HSE), you not only contribute to reducing the risk of hazards and accidents but also strengthen the workplace.

An HSE handbook is critical to ensuring a safe and good working environment.

A deviation system is a tool for reporting, tracking, and managing safety breaches or risks in the workplace.



Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between whistleblowing and deviation?


Focuses on reporting serious and reprehensible matters such as violations of legislation, ethical guidelines, or other serious misconduct within an organization. The opportunity to report anonymously is available, and it is possible for individuals other than employees to make reports.

Deviation Management (HSE)

Involves employees identifying, reporting, and managing incidents related to health, safety, and the environment (HSE). This can include workplace accidents, safety risks, near-misses, or health issues in the workplace.

Do I need a deviation system? What does the law say?

All businesses are required to work systematically with HSE. The Internal Control Regulator provides additional details on what should be done in practice. For example, all companies should have procedures to uncover, correct, and prevent incidents.

Why use Huma's deviation module and not something else?

With Huma's deviation module it's easier to get a handle on the legal requirements surrounding HSE.

By consolidating multiple tasks, you and your employees will have everything in one place! Enter incidents into a system that employees already use.

The module is suitable for those who want something easy to set up and use, and it doesn't hurt that you get a user-friendly and market-leading mobile app.

How do I get started?
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What's new this January

New year, new opportunities, and most importantly: new modules from Huma! We are picking up where we left off by listening to the wishes of our customers, and this month is filled with many exciting features: deviation handling, integration with 24SevenOffice, transferring vacation days, and much more!

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Digital handbooks that are ready to use

Employee and leadership handbooks, HSE, and more. Always available and easy to use.

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4SevenOffice and Huma - the integration that does the job

Huma has a plug'n'play integration with 24SevenOffice. Synchronize across systems and spend your time on the important tasks that you actually have to do yourself

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