#1 2024: Huma news!

New year, new opportunities, and most importantly: new modules from Huma! We are picking up where we left off by listening to the wishes of our customers, and this month is filled with many exciting features: deviation handling, integration with 24SevenOffice, transferring vacation days, and much more!

Simplified deviation management for everyone!

Did you know that nearly 60% of all businesses in Norway did not work systematically with HSSE? With Huma's deviation module, you can easily gain control over the legal requirements surrounding HSSE. It's both smart and profitable.

The module is super easy to get started with, contains everything you need, and best of all: put the deviation management in a system that everyone actually wants to use!

With Huma's market-leading user-friendliness, reporting and managing deviations is a breeze for employees and for you. Discover more about deviations or talk with us!

Integration with 24SevenOffice

Save time and improve data quality - a simple way to import and synchronize individuals between Huma and your 24SevenOffice account. Learn more about this integration here.

Transfer of vacation days

Are you the leader of a team or location, or perhaps the closest leader? Now you have the ability to transfer vacation days to the employees you are responsible for. Check out the absence feature in Huma.

Easier customization of meeting conversation templates

Customize the order of talking points in meeting templates to reflect what is most important. Check out the employee module to learn more.

Customize the pulse survey

Do you have individuals in Huma that you don't want to participate in the pulse surveys? Now you have the option to exclude certain individuals so that they do not receive the survey. Learn more about eNPS


...and just a little side note: Huma has been ranked #1 in the Nordics 🤗

We are proud to have been recognized as the number one by BusinessWith, and we thank our customers, partners, and dedicated team.


2024 is off to a great start - we are excited!

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