Save time on financial and employee administration

24SevenOffice and Huma - the integration that does the job

Huma has a plug'n'play integration with 24SevenOffice. Synchronize across systems and spend your time on the important tasks that you actually have to do yourself


What the integration means for you

Don't duplicate your work - enter your information and synchronize once. The rest happens automatically

Save time - allow the systems to talk to each other and do the work for you
Don’t type more than necessary - if you have your employee information in either Huma or 24SevenOffice, you can easily transfer from one system to the other

Structure the company - get a better overview by dividing the company into teams and departments
Two systems with the same outlook - both 24SevenOffice and Huma are tasked with making your working day easier

More about Huma and 24SevenOffice

Do the job once

All you need to do is synchronize the data when you start up. After that, almost everything is automatic. If you want to add a new employee to Huma, you just have to sync that person up to 24SevenOffice and the rest happens by itself.


Avoid unnecessary plotting and typing

If you already have your employee information in either 24SevenOffice or Huma, that’s enough. The system figures it out by itself and everything is transferred automatically. This ensures good data quality as there are fewer chances of typos, and everything is done following GDPR.

"There are fewer manual processes for HR and the employees are simply much more involved in nearly everything to do with HR."

Madelen Melbøe - ABC Electro



Don't spend time on things that can be done automatically

Integration work shouldn't take up your valuable time. It needs to be there and just work. With automated processes for timekeeping and payroll, you save a lot of time that can be spent on even more important things.


Other seamless integration

Connect the other tools that matter to your business with easy integration to Payroll, Tripletex, Slack, Google and Microsoft, among others.

Simpler prices. Simpler processes

About 24SevenOffice

24SevenOffice is a Norwegian company that offers a cloud-based business platform primarily aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The platform includes a variety of features such as accounting, invoicing, CRM (Customer Relationship Management), project management, and time tracking. A key characteristic of 24SevenOffice is its ability to integrate. Huma is one example of that!

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