Save time on financial and personnel administration

Azure AD and Huma - the integration that does the job

Synchronize user data and automate user creation between Huma and Azure AD, so that your HR and IT staff can save time and focus on more strategic tasks.


What integration means for you

Streamline your workflow - input your data once and let the system handle the synchronization automatically.

Increase efficiency - enable seamless communication between systems to automate tasks and save valuable time.
Minimize manual data entry - effortlessly transfer employee information between Huma and Azure AD without the need for excessive typing or redundant data input.
Two systems, one goal: Simplifying your workday. Both Azure AD and Huma are dedicated to making your daily tasks easier and more efficient.
Azure AD - Huma integration

More about Huma and Azure AD

Do the job once

All you need to do is synchronize the data at startup. After that, almost everything is automatic. If you want to add a new employee to Huma, you just have to sync that person up to Azure AD and the rest happens by itself.


Avoid unnecessary plotting and typing

Ensure efficient data management and maintain high data quality by leveraging existing employee information in either Azure AD or Huma. The system intelligently processes and transfers the data automatically, minimizing the risk of typos and ensuring compliance with GDPR regulations. With this automated approach, you can trust in accurate and secure data handling.

"There are fewer manual processes for HR and the employees are simply much more involved in nearly everything to do with HR."

Madelen Melbøe - ABC Electro



Don't spend time on things that can be done automatically

Integration shouldn't take up your valuable time. It just needs to be there and work. With automated processes for timekeeping and payroll, you save a lot of time that can be spent on even more important things.


Seamless integration

Connect the tools that matter to your business with easy integration to Tripletex, Slack, Google and Microsoft, among others.

Simpler prices. Simpler processes

About Azure AD

Azure AD is a cloud-based service by Microsoft that helps organizations manage user identities and control access to applications and resources. It provides features like single sign-on, multi-factor authentication, and user self-service, making access management more secure and convenient.

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