#4 2024: Streamlining Salary revision in Huma

You can now finally move away from time consuming and inefficient processes. We are really proud of how Huma simplifies salary revisions for HR and managers, ensuring budget compliance and informed decision-making. In May you will also get deeper integrations, and valuable improvements.

Discover how Huma simplifies the process of salary revisions for HR and managers, ensuring budget compliance and informed decision-making.

Salary Revisions: Efficient, Flexible, and Globally Suited

Structured and Flexible Management: Huma offers a clear, well-defined process for salary revisions that includes managers in decision-making and accommodates various levels of authority. It provides customizable options such as deadlines and effective dates, allowing companies to tailor the system to their unique requirements.

Budget Compliance and Authority Support: The platform ensures that each group within a revision adheres to specific financial limits. Managers propose changes, and compensation teams approve them, facilitating smart decisions that align with budgetary constraints.

Global Adaptability: Huma is built for multinational companies, supporting multiple currencies and functioning seamlessly across different countries. This global capability is crucial for firms with international workforces.

Get the data to payroll: Salary exports has been improved and with future updates like automatic salary system integrations, Huma is set to further simplify the payroll process.

Automated and Efficient Notifications: HR, Managers and employees are kept in the loop with timely notifications about salary adjustments, improving transparency and communication.

Huma’s approach not only simplifies salary adjustments but also ensures they are compliant, strategic, and adaptable to diverse organizational needs worldwide.

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And the release also includes:
Deeper integrations

Huma now allows registered and approved absences to automatically sync with the Fortnox payroll system, and offers exports in the Swedish PAXml format. This eliminates the need for manual entry, reducing errors and freeing up time for other tasks.


With the new update, national identification numbers is seamlessly integrate with Tripletex, Visma.net Payroll, Xledger, and Poweroffice Go. This ensures uniformity in employee records across various systems, simplifying personnel management.

and valuable improvements

Improvements to the absence calendar now include the display of week numbers, making it easier to plan for things like summer vacations.

absence calendar weeks-1

Additionally, emergency contacts and children’s details is now included in the export, allowing for quicker access to important personal information when needed.

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