What's new in August

Dear Huma friends! We are back with some fresh updates that will make your HR tasks even easier. Among other things, it's now easier to give gifts to employees, more accurate registration of sick leave, and competence profiles that will help you reach competence goals and find talents.

Employee gifts made easy

As the only Nordic HR-system we are super excited to announce a smooth integration with Glede, a leading provider of employee gift cards! Now in Huma, you can easily send your employees a little something either celebrating birthdays, jubilees or just a recognition of work well done! 🎁 Read more about how it works.


Register Partial Absence – Because life doesn't always go entirely as planned!

Our absence module is highly popular, and it's one of the many reasons why Huma is the go-to choice.
And NOW you can register graded absence too. Maybe you're on 50% sick leave 🤒? Perhaps you're home with a sick child part of the day or maybe you're on a graded parental leave?

As an administrator, you can decide whether your employees should be able to register graded absence and how those days should be counted. With Huma, you'll always have control over remaining vacation days and absences. It's super easy for employees to request vacations, log days off, and record sick leave. Try it out - for free!

Read more about Absence Management in Huma

Graded absence-en

Achieve Goals with Competence Profiles

Unlock your workforce's true potential through our enhanced Competence feature. We've taken it a few steps further.

With Competence Profiles, you can now:

  1. Define clear roles throughout your company
  2. Set your sights on ambitious competency targets
  3. ...and here's where the magic happens: Use these profiles to perform gap analyses, revealing untapped areas for growth and development within your team.

Give it a spin and learn how to find and bridge the Competence Gap in your organization 🦸‍♀️🔍.


And let's not forget, you can now export all competencies – not just certifications.

That wraps up our August updates.

Warm regards, The Huma Crew 🚀

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